Welcome to all NAIS students and parents!

The NAIS PTO has lots of volunteer opportunities waiting for you. If you would like to receive notifications for volunteering please use the Sign Up Genius Links below. Please register with each grade level you have a student in.

4th Grade – https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0444ACA92FAAFC1-4thgrade6

5th Grade – https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0444ACA92FAAFC1-5thgrade3

6th Grade – https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0444ACA92FAAFC1-6thgrade3


NAIS Families,

In an effort to generate more parent involvement so that we may continue to sponsor fun and educational events for the students, we have some exciting news for you!!  

Our volunteer hours policy has CHANGED!

The new policy is as follows:

    • There is NO LONGER A MINIMUM amount of volunteer hours needed to be considered for lottery events such as field trips and dances.
    • Each hour you volunteer will give you one “credit”
    • For lottery events, all credits accumulated will be entered, and chaperones/volunteers will be chosen from there.
    • There is no maximum on how many credits you can have, you can volunteer as much as you like!
    • Donated items will be assessed as they come, but most items will be one hour.
    • It is your responsibility to report your volunteer time after you are done to our clearance coordinator, Tracy Sheetz at naisclearences@gmail.com. This is also the person that you can email to check and make sure your hours are correct.
    • Every volunteer is responsible to make sure they have all of their clearances as directed by NASD.
    • We encourage you to join the PTO. It’s a $1 donation, 100% of monies collected goes back to the kids. Anyone who joins the PTO will be given one hour of volunteer time. Joining the PTO does not require you to do anything, it just places you on our membership list. We have a goal of 600 members this year, which would be our best year yet! Help us reach our goal! Form to join can be found at:


    Please be patient with us as we are working out the kinks, and trying our best to make this new policy suitable for everyone! Always keep in mind that the PTO board and I are volunteers, and are constantly doing the very best we can to keep the students, parents, and teachers happy! Any questions regarding this can be directed to me at naisptopresident@gmail.com.

    Special thank you to ALL parents that have supported, and continue to support our efforts!

    Kimberly Rosado
    NAIS PTO President

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    To promote the welfare of the children in their home, at school and in the community, and to provide a channel of communication between families, faculty and the administration of the NAIS

    Welcome Letter from our PTO President