cashThe school district provides the NAIS administrators and teachers with a budget to educate our students. The PTO strives to enhance the student’s school experience by providing events and supplies the monies from the district cannot. All of our programs are paid for through fundraising and donations.

A few examples include educational items such as Assemblies and Enrichment Programs, cultural items including Author Visits and Writing Workshops, and social events such as Dances and the year end Carnival.

Some fundraising programs are in the form of students selling items and some are no cost programs. To see our many no cost and easy to do options – click here.

Fundraising is completely voluntary. However as you can see the many great programs the PTO supports will not happen without adequate funding. The NAIS PTO is very diligent in tracking how our monies are used and maximizing every dollar we spend.   Should you have thoughts on our programs we encourage you to attend a PTO meeting so we can discuss your idea or contact the PTO president.